December 01, 2003

Social Science Class

One thing that really bugs you when you're doing a lot of researchonline is the profusion of on-the-point, relevant websites which you know will just spit out what you need, but which you probably have to pay$45 per mont, with a $100 deposit (or some shit like that). There is, however, one place i have my eye on, and i'm gonna get it baby, coughing up or no coughing up. Its a place called Questia ,and it supposedly has 50,000 odd books and 400,ooo odd journals! and this includes works of fiction such as john steinbeck's the grapes of wrath and innumerable (ok, a lot of) chomsky tomes. The best part... subscription for one year amounts to just Rs. 6000/-. For a net addict cum book-o-phile like me, that sounds (painful but) payable. Ok, ok, ok, went tangential there for a second. My POINT is... here's one pretty comprehensive site of legal and basically most types of social sciences research which you don't have to pay through your nose for. The Social Sciences Research Network is a pretty well laid out place for research on economics, law and accounting, with information systems and marketing coming up. Ok, thats not exactly the social sciences we expected, but hell, for a (not necessarily enthusiastic) law-gopher like me its pretty damn useful. Extensive links to quite a few US and international journals, MOST of the articles free and a pretty easy search engine. Not a bad deal. Just 1 thing. unless you want to contribute an article, dont register.It's free but worthless. Happy researching?

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