July 12, 2004

My kingdom for bengali rock

When people speak of the ghost of things past, you can never figure them out until they haunt you.

My ghosts are mostly aural in nature. The sound of mock screams mixed with mirthful laughter, the sweet cacophony of eminem, lynyrd skynyrd, bhangra and led zeppelin all playing from four different corners at max volume. The random screaming of totally unrelated words for the pure shock value. Hour long discussions about whether if you swallow half a kilo of spinach, your crap'll be green the next day.

I miss my hostel. I miss all the chaos, all the pointles ennui, all the cameraderie born out of pure mutual joblessness.

The place was an experience.Curse and scream all you want those who are in there, and heave huge sighs of relief if youre out. But you cant deny it. We had a blast.

To NALSAR. And all the good times. Vive la Bengali Rock