March 02, 2006

Opniyama - Review in dialogue

I told someone to try Opniyama the other day.

She said, what is it?

I said, it's a game.

Doubtful look, I'm not very good at games.

You don't have to be good at it, there's nothing to win.

I don't do too well at the keyboard either. Or at the mouse, and I hate all the squishing little creatures and stuff.
Manic gleam, You don't have to do any of those, you just wander around.
Wander around? And do what?
Plant trees.
More doubtful look.
Ok, just give it a shot. I promise you'll like it.
Random entering of keywords and fiddling with mouse, waiting for loadscreen, tadah
Ooh, look, its all drawn like in a sketch, and its beautiful. There are trees, and strange little things, and look, there's a shower plant. I'm going to take a shower, and woo, i have a grapple hook, and I can fly around the place and, whats that, the tree dropped something, its a seed. I'm going to pick it up, and oh, look at those little caterpillar things, its like alice in wonderland. i'll just drop the seed here and, wow, a lion tree. How big is this place? It's huge. There's even a little map here, and I can see myself, hello, and i want to find more seeds, look, there's one, what sort of tree do you get? This is so much fun!
Told you you'd like it.

Install Wikipedia on your iPod

Its finally here! The future of information in your pocket! Take that Brittanica! Up yours Encarta!! Wikipedia on your ipod. only...

I don't have an ipod.


Install Wikipedia on your iPod: "Cory Doctorow: Encyclopodia is a snapshot of Wikipedia as an 800MB ebook for your iPod. Link (Thanks, Ted!) "