December 04, 2003

Hey! I bought a ring today! The first piece of ornamentation i have ever bought for myself in my entire life! Decided to go wild, bunked work and went to Dilli Haat to buy gifts for people, with a friend. She showed me hers, which looked really nice. Then she suggested i try one. She took me to this stall there, and i found this interesting metal ring, not very fine or anything, but with some rather interesting looking characters in a strange language. I must get that translated, by the way, cause for all i know, it might just say "go stick your head up a pig (Douglas Adams, a toast).
Also, I saw what has to be one of the most beautiful (NOTE: not sexy) girls in my life today. She was seated at a stall selling some paintings, and her face was turned away as i was approaching the stall. She was wearing a blue sweater. Then she turned and I stopped in my tracks. She had the most innocent features i've ever seen. Her skin was radiant, like nothing i've ever seen before. She had on no makeup or anything, it was just like that.
And the eyes.
My God.
They were the most beautiful eyes i've ever seen in the world. I mean, they were grey... grey like brushed silver. With shine in them so beautiful i didnt know it was possible without an experienced fashion photographer. I wanted to take her photograph, and i would have, i was that determined to remember those eyes. My friend had a camera she was willing to lend me if i didnt involve her in the whole thing and get us both chappaled out off dilli haat. But i gave up the idea. I know that beauty like that is not going to show on a piece of chemically treated paper. The only place i can really keep it fresh is in my head. I'll never get those eyes out of my mind.
Besides, we also discovered that my friend had been walking around for two days with a camera without any film in it.
God. Those eyes.

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