November 30, 2003


Ok, first, a little history... about 5 years ago, in the 12th standard, I used to love visiting this place called MrCranky's. It was this amazing site on the net where this guy let loose all over all the movies ever made. Good or bad, it didnt matter to him. If you think what he did to American History X was bad (snd I thought that was a pretty GOOD movie), you have to see what he did to Spice World. All in all, i totally forgot about the plae till a month ago. The sad part is, that by then i'd totally forgotten the name of the place, leading me to try any number of insane and dangerous combinations to get where i needed. (sample:Mr. Nasty. [Ok, i'm not hlinking this site cause its porn and maybe its not a good idea to go that way right now.]).
But finally, i have found it, in all its caustic glory. Please, lets all give a low bow to Mr. Cranky's

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