October 05, 2006

Death by Awwww

Do you feel like dying today? Do so in an innovative new way.

Watch this website for two hours.

If you're still alive after that you don't deserve to live so go throw yourself off a building.


Anonymous said...

two hours might be pushing it.

but honestly, some of those pictures are rather cute. and the "awwws" are involuntary. i refuse to take responsibility for them.

Sheiky said...

i really like the yoda-puppy....kinda reminded of OUR puppy..heheh....but you're right....i went thru this shit for 10 minutes and i feel like killing myself....i think i'll spread the good cheer and fwd this to a million unsuspecting victims


Anonymous said...

A very happy diwali to you

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tangled said...


:D :D :D

So keeee-yooooot.
I sat ten minutes :D

asygd, says word verification