October 16, 2004

Ze Photoblog!

Hello peepulz! I am now having phenomenon called the photoblog! the next step in virus infected marine evolution is here! for all you not-so-informed bloggers out there, it's pretty simple. there's this cool software out there called Hello! which is a picture IM software. I've just downloaded it five minutes ago so I'm not quite sure how it goes ( but its short and its sweet and I knew it complete when i wore a younger man's clothes).... um, ah, anyway, It lets you post pitures straight to your blog! which means all my grainy cellphone snap pics can finally be shown to a worldwide audience and I can be shown for the genius I am ! Hah!! Please appreciating my first pic from my phonecam... Khan Market, Delhi... the ultimate Delhi snobspot... But still one of the more fun snobspots i've seen. Bookshops to wander, expensive lasagna's that would cover a meal for 3 at any Chinese vandi, cool shops selling exotic phoren foods like blackberry jam and cheese stuffed olives in brine... this rather nice cafe called cafe turtle where I happened to have some amazing chocolate cake for free because it had a bit of glass in it... long story, some other time maybe... Perhaps in this manner I can satisfy my insanely craving public.

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