October 18, 2004

Preludes and Nocturnes

People. I've waited weeks for this. On my incredibly slow internet connection I have downloaded all 75 graphic novels of neil gaiman's "sandman". I've waited so long for this. Today, it completed download. I've spent all day at work thinking about this.

And its amazing.

I've got a quart of bacardi here to help me through it. And i'm freakingout. The personification of dreams. The embodiment of death. The melding of mythos, pathos and sad, coffee stain reality.

Im going to hav very strange dreams tonight. But i dont mind.

For those of you who want in, download a torrent streamer off the net (im using sharezea) and go to zcult fm. I dont know if the stream still flows, but if it does, flow along. oh, and dont forget to share your bandwidth. We in the world of pirate media must help each other...

sweet dreams....

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