October 30, 2003

Viva La Free Book Revolutione

Long live the Free Access To Literature Through The Internet Movement! (I'm sure they have a shorter name for it, but what the hell...).
Viva la Revolutione!!

I'm really happy to see so many efforts at preserving works of literature and great books on the internet.I'm even really happier to see that they're doing it for FREE. I love the feeling of mentally flashing the "V" at the the checkout attendant at the local air conditioned-get-out-if-you-don't-have-more-than-300 bucks- flashy bookstore everytime I hit the download button for another Balzac classic.

It's really sad though, you don't get too much post war literature, or even very much immediately pre-war stuff, like George Orwell or Joseph Heller... DIE DIE Copyright Enforcement Pigs!

Anyways, check out these three fascinating places.
1. The Nalanda project (a bit of a pissoff, cause you have to be a member to access some of the cooler categories )
2. The Digital Library of India ( Kinda hard to browse)
3. The Gutenberg Project (So far THE most comprehensive site of this kind I've visited. But again, not so easy to browse.)

AAALeluiah, AALeluiah, Aleluiah, Aleluiah, AAAAALEEELULIAH...

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