September 29, 2005

Putrid Poetry for Puerile Pessimists

Life in vitro's very sad
Fun as such just cant be had
Enough to drive a foetus mad

Bobbing like a cork

Life on four legs isnt better
Branded chronic diaper wetter
To the nipple always fettered
Toothless mewling larva

Life on two just does'nt cut it
Think you're free and mobile but it
Doesnt make a difference huddled
On a desk in school

Adult life is not suggested
If you thought the foetus festered
Or that toddlers are sorely tested
You ain't seen nothing yet

Life when lost is simply boring
Quiet enough to hear worms snoring
Save for the sound of termites boring
Gently through your skull

The purpose of this putrid letter
Is to encourage those with better
Sense to never let their
Selves be born at all

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

nihilism attack i say.