January 02, 2004

Really cool unusual blog

When I set up this weblog, I had no idea what the hell I was doing ( a fact you will find amply evident from my first entry).

Now, about 3 months and innumerable template tweaks into this experiment, I can confidently say that I still dont know what the hell I'm doing, I'm just doing it with a bit more panache.

But Ms Belle Du Jour certianly has a pretty clear picture of what she's doing. I chanced upon this site while checking out the Guardian's 3 best written blogs. It's a brilliant, offbeat and in places quite hilarious look at the soft and slightly ticklish underbelly of the prostitution racket (kinda cool, cause the prostitution business itself is supposed to be a bit of a soft underbelly itself, isnt it, so what wer'e looking at is an underbelly's underbelly, and... ok, i digress). Not only do you get rather witty photo quality word sketches of London life, you get the inside stuff on hair removal, golden showers and the Jennicam. What I love most is this person's frank and impassive look at sexual 'perversions' de jour, from an insider's perspective. oh, by the way, dont go if you dont appreciate comic accounts of threesomes or bikini lin waxing, cause if that isnt your thing, then this definitely isnt your thing. The links lead to some of Belle du Jour's sisterbloggers, but again be warned, these are raher more raunchy than the rather plain and simple blle du jour's site.
At any rate, for a witty insider's perspective on one of the really old professions (isnt it supposed to be the oldest?), please take a look at belle du jour

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