November 21, 2003

Arty Farty

ok, before i start on anything here, i'd like to point something out... Art can be Really Cool!! The reason i'm pointing this out is this: Everytime i download what i feel to be a fun picture from the net, and spend about half an hour admiring it, i realise that i want to share this incredible thing with my buddy-boys. So i take all the effort of copying out on floppy, carting off to said buddy's computer and showing him, voila, cool pictures! He stares and then goes, "Vaat all this art fart gas (Annirudh and Koshy, if you're reading this, please do something unspeakable to yourselves). At any rate, i dont think people should see art as "egads! look at the interplay of light and shade across the right ass cheek", or "gosh, those lines are so indicative of a classic oedipus complex". In other words, i feel that art is not to be the preserve of the few who can talk technical about it. On the other hand, i also have a problem with those guys who automatically dismiss anything classified as "art" from the purview of their mental mindscape. Basic upshot, you dont need a 90 degree nose or a degree in Artistic Appreciation to enjoy art. Here's a collection of a few of my thus far favourite artists. i found this really good site which provides pretty high-def online copies of their work called Art54 . It's got a lot of pictures of a wide range of artists. My favourites are:

1. edvard munch . When you check out this site, make sure to look for the pictures of the lovers painted in a blue light. I think its one of the most beautiful i've ever seen.

2. h r giger . One of the totaly weirdest artists i've ever seen. if you like very in your face psycho art, check this out.

3. m. c. escher who seems to be a brilliant sketcher, please notice the "face-belt in the sky" painting, as made famous by the two famous art critics,Koshy John and J. Anniruddha. If you dont like these, please surf around. You're bound to like something. Give it a shot.

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